“Once I began working with Scott, the wheels started turning. A competitor offered me my current role at a 53% pay increase, and my current manager offered me a promotion and a 43% pay increase. My manager also passed my name along to managers in other departments I was interested in because she wanted to keep me with the company, even if it wasn’t in her group. I’ve had meetings with two managers in a month’s time in departments I actually want to work. Now I find myself in a real position of power, which I didn’t think was possible as an employee at a large corporation. Working with Scott has truly revitalized my career search the right way.”

John L.

“After working with The Job Sauce I’m now in a sales management role at a blue chip company, with a raise, instead of a sales role with limited opportunity to advance. I found that when it comes to the job search and finding your ‘dream job’ you will only get out of the process what you are willing and able to put into the process.

My main concern using this service was the cost and the uncertainty that I wouldn’t find what I was looking for and in a reasonable timeframe. I had never used a coaching service like this before. And like with most things in life, there is no guarantee that I would find what it is I was looking for. I’m glad I chose to use The Job Sauce.

I appreciated the fact that I never felt like I was on some time clock. [My coach] took the time to speak with me whenever and for as long as it took to adequately address all of my questions or concerns.Some other benefits were:

1) Having someone on my side who offered a fresh perspective and brought to the table a different network than my own, 2) Having someone available to me who had a deep knowledge in not only the job search process, but also in resume building and how to present oneself in front of a potential employer, and 3) Having a coach there to push and remind me that although there may be some road bumps along the path, you still need to stay focused and move forward whenever possible.

I would recommend this service to anyone who has experienced some frustration in their current role and is determined to find that ‘next step’ in their career. Thanks!”

Pete F.

Pharmaceutical Sales Executive

“I landed a once in a life time opportunity making 25k more than my previous job, all thanks to The JobSauce. When I first started the job search process, there were so many little details I wasn’t prepared to address like negotiating salary, getting my name to the top of the list for stretch jobs, and leveraging multiple opportunities. My coach provided an extra level of accountability and was there to talk through every concern I had.

I highly recommend using The Job Sauce, because the coaches are equipped to help you with any and every aspect of the job search process.”

S. W.

Executive Recruiting

“After working with The Job Sauce career coaching, I had three job offers to leverage against each other. This resulted in me taking a job that resulted in a 30% salary increase. Thanks to my coach’s help in my negotiations, I was promoted four months later with another 15% salary increase on top of my already enhanced salary.

I was hesitant to share my current salary and my goal salary with another person. However, using TheJob Sauce, I was able to exceed my expectations for a salary increase and found perks I didn’t know I needed (tuition reimbursement, moving expenses, professional development funds). I am very glad I proceeded with my coaching.

My coach was willing to meet me at any point in my interview over the phone in order to help me negotiate for the best possible salary. He helped me articulate exactly what I wanted in a respectful, but firm manner.

The higher education job market is slow moving – both in interviewing and hiring. I was shocked that The Job Sauce helped me secure a dream job within the advertised eight weeks. I had been searching for the perfect next step for two years, but didn’t have the direction that I needed. Thanks to the consultants at The Job Sauce, I was able to really articulate what I wanted and when, then work towards achieving my career aspirations. I actually ended up finding something totally different, but related to, my last job. Now I am happy and have more free time outside of work to pursue my passions.

Every day I went to work, I knew I was underpaid, under valued, and underwhelmed by my responsibilities. It was really hard to see how much being miserable in my job made me miserable in other areas of my life. I won five national awards and my boss couldn’t even bring herself to give me praise, let alone the required annual review. Finally, 60+ hours a week just didn’t cut it for me anymore. My coach helped me realize what I was worth and where I would be valued as an employee and as a person. As a high achieving individual, my coach coached me to recognize how much I am worth and how much potential I have with a new employer. Now I work with respected institutions on projects that are both exciting and challenging. And I have a salary that is DOUBLE what I made just four yearsago. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to ask for help from The Job Sauce because I would have been a lot happier a lot sooner.”

Vince B.

Higher Education Enterprise Systems

“Before working with Scott, I was absolutely MISERABLE in my job. I knew it, I just didn’t know how to pull myself out, how to set my once-promising career down the right path again. My boss didn’t appreciate me, or the skills and talent I brought to the table. I was working over 60 hours a week, and my salary felt like barely enough to live on. Worst of all, I could feel my love for (my industry)— a career that I have dreamed of having since grade school — begin to fade. Scott not only helped me land the job of my dreams, writing about important issues and working with award-winning journalists, but he also helped me negotiate a salary that is more than DOUBLE what I was making before. My only regret is that I didn’t get Scott’s help and take control of my life sooner.

Lauren A.

Investigative Journalist

“I knew I wanted a change, and I knew the sector I wanted to break into — but I was in a rut. I thought I’d been doing everything right, I was networking, my resume was looking better than ever, I had a more clearly defined idea of where I wanted to go than on any previous job hunt, but I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted. After two years of trying I knew I needed help.

Scott took me to the next level. He helped me stop wasting time and made me focus on the things that were really going to get results. He guided me through everything from initial contact, to eventual salary negotiations. The most valuable part of Scott’s coaching was his ability to evaluate my often rambling self assessments and desires into a concise and workable plan. He essentially project managed me into a new job — without his counseling I am absolutely certain I would still be in that initial rut.

I am now making over 100% more than I have ever made at any job in my life. The upfront investment in Scott’s services was daunting, but the turnaround was almost immediate. I went from scraping by in an insignificant position to managing an entire department in eight months — if you’re trying and trying and not succeeding, Scott will provide the clarity and alternate perspectives you need to get where you want to go.”

Emma H.

Nonprofit Communications Director

“After spending 7 months looking for my next career opportunity and having little luck getting interviews, yet alone an offer, I decided to engage with Scott and The Job Sauce. At first I was fairly skeptical. What could be so different than what the career coach that I had been working with for the past 7 months had offered? My resume was well written, I had cover letters tailored for every job that I applied for, and I had signed up for every possible job notification possible.

As I reflected on my past months of misery, spending over 100 hours researching the numerous articles “how to land your next dream job”, writing cover letters and resumes, and submitting applications into the “black hole,” I thought, there has to be a better way. Sure, the constant reminder from recruiters that I spoke to stating “the market is saturated with overqualified professionals that are willing to accept much less than your target salary” made me wonder “maybe it is the market and I’ll just have to weather the storm until after the election.” But I still thought, there has to be something that I can be doing to better my odds. It was my first time in my 20 year career where I wasn’t getting the interview and the few I did get, didn’t result in an offer. So I decided to enroll in a webinar to hear more about The Job Sauce’s approach.

I distinctly remember when Scott talked about some of the typical approaches and why they don’t work, I thought to myself, “damn, that’s exactly what I have been dragging myself through.” It was the first time I felt hopeful that there truly was a better way. It wasn’t long after the webinar I was having my first session with Scott. He spent a good amount of time understanding what approaches I had been trying and providing expert advice to help me understand why I haven’t been as successful as I thought I should have been. We didn’t spend a lot of time in areas that were already in good shape, like resume and cover letter writing, instead Scott honed in on the specific areas that he thought would add the most value and get me closer to landing an interview. This was one of many aspects about the service that I appreciated. It was focused on the task at hand, no frills, just a clear actionable route from A to B.

After one short month following the prescriptive process, I soon had a calendar full of informational interviews with top executives of prospect companies that I was introduced to by my top connectors. I could quickly tell there was something truly different about The Job Sauce solution. I was talking to people, having discussion about mutual interest in bettering a situation. No more black hole. Although I was only in the early steps of the interviewing process, I just knew I was going to yield a different result.

After rigorously following the process and meeting with my career coach, and keeping in touch with my top connectors, I received a phone call from one of my top connectors. It was about an opportunity that he was made aware of while consulting with a colleague of his that is a CEO who was looking for a VP of Sales and Marketing. He immediately made the connection and put me in touch with the CEO. Two days later I was invited in for an all day interview with the CEO and President of the company. The next day I was made an offer. I will be starting as the VP of Sales and Marketing in Early October. Not only was I able to find my next dream job, but I was also able to negotiate a higher salary than my original target.

Overall, I must say that the service exceeded my expectations. Not only did it bring a process that yielded results, it did it in a very short period of time. I would definitely recommend The Job Sauce to anybody that is actively pursuing their next career opportunity. Scott and his team have a proven track record of successfully delivering and for me the value I was able to gain by using their service far outweighed the upfront investment.”

Matt S.

VP Sales Engineering

“As a career changer without contacts in my new desired field, I was overwhelmed with how I should organize my job search. While I was getting some interviews, it was not a submittal/interview rate that I thought was acceptable given my previous work experience. Granted we all place a high value on our transferrable skills, marketing them in a new industry is not always successful.

With the coaching I received, it allowed me to step back and see the bigger picture from both my transferrable skills and the target industry. For the dreaded “Tell Me About Yourself,” which I view as a canned question, I learned how to use that to my advantage to create a conversation with the hiring manager, instead of just going through a checklist list of things to cover. This led to a job offer that I have accepted.

The beauty of the program is that it has all of the steps for career management put together, something that is rarely seen. [My coach] is excellent at asking the right questions to help uncover your strengths, so you can formulate your plan. The program has the steps needed so you can plan your next steps for a successful career, which should be managed every day, not when you are in need of a new job.

I have a new outlook on how to manage my next steps, which will begin as soon as I start my next role. I am very pleased with the program, and at the speed of which results were obtained. Changing careers is not impossible, nor is it for the faint of heart, you must be ready for the challenges you will face. This program has the steps you will take in order to execute successfully. I am glad I found this when I did. Thanks again Scott!!”

Bart M.

Financial Services

“Before working with [The Job Sauce], I was stuck in a miserable job complaining to friends and family for over a year that I wanted to leave but I was not finding much success in changing my situation. I was so embarrassed that I had told people I was unhappy and looking but I was still in that same job month after month.

The same week I started working with [my coach], I actually did get a job offer. I was so desperate to get out of my current situation that I was very seriously considering it. One of my first calls with [my coach] was about the job and whether or not it was a good fit. I ultimately decided that it wasn’t and with [my coach’s] guidance I gracefully declined the offer. Without [my coach’s] support, there is a very good chance I would have accepted that position for all the wrong reasons. While there were many times, months later, when I was feeling discouraged and thinking to myself “I shouldn’t have passed up that opportunity to leave,” it would have possibly been one of the biggest mistakes of my career and 6 months later I would have been back where I started, unhappy and looking for a job.

Similar to most people in my situation, I was mainly concerned about the upfront cost of a career coach. After giving it some thought, I decided that I needed professional help to change my situation and this was an investment I had to make – not just for my next job but for my entire career. I took a risk and it paid off in dividends.

What was your result from using this service?

In 6 months, with a lot of hard work and perseverance, I got an incredible job offer – I was finally going to be paid at market value (a nearly 40% pay increase!) and working in a field that I was passionate about. When I first heard Scott’s webinar, I didn’t believe the results and thought, “that will never happen for me”. I was willing to settle for so little just to get out of a bad situation as soon as possible. This process really works and if it worked for me, it can work for you! I am just wrapping up the first week in my new position and I know that, while no job is perfect, this one is pretty darn close.

From our first conversation, [my coach] lit the fire under me. His tough love approach is what I needed to make my job search my top priority. While [my coach] listened to my excuses about being busy with my job and feeling discouraged, he never let those excuses get in the way of our end goal. [My coach] made me hold myself accountable for things I said I was going to do and never gave up on me even when I was just about ready to give up on myself.

What are the main benefits of this service?

weekly check-ins
establishing realistic short and long-term goals and the steps to reach those goals
establishing the network you already have but aren’t utilizing to its full potential and then expanding that network exponentially
building confidence in your true value as an employee
skills to tactfully negotiate for a higher salary and additional compensation

I would recommend The Job Sauce. Nothing in life comes easy or free and this service is an investment you need to be 110% committed to but it’s worth it because Scott and his team are 110% committed to you, your job search, and long-term career goals.”

Lauren D.

Government Research Analyst

“When I started working with the consultants from The Job Sauce I had just been moved to a job function for which I was overqualified and in which I expected my skills to go unused, after most members of my team were massively laid off and my job function was eliminated. I saw that move as a career terminating event, which prompted me to start looking for ways to change the situation. I was blessed to find myself attending a seminar put together by my university’s alumni association, during which I became acquainted with the program.

After working through the initial stages, I found myself with a much clearer picture of my personal and professional needs and aspirations. The clarity survey was particularly useful to me, since it gave me a detailed understanding of my strengths and growth opportunities.

One of the best features of this service, in my opinion, is that it put me in the driver’s seat while giving me the tools to explore opportunities, leverage my network, and quite frankly, help me assess my standing with respect to the job market. The tools presented here are, in my opinion, essential for career building and employment satisfaction, which at the end of the day, is every individual’s responsibility.

In the end, I took advantage of an improved opportunity with my current employer, but this time with full awareness of how its benefits and day-to-day responsibilities were adding up to fulfill my personal and professional aspirations. I was able to supplement this with community activities outside of my job but still within the scope of personally-fulfilling tasks identified by my clarity profile. Even though my engagement with The Job Sauce did not end in a new job, it did result in a better perspective and opportunity with my current employer. I find my current situation very gratifying and fully compliant with what I learned were my top priorities, both personally and professionally.

Kudos to Scott and all the team for putting together a flexible rock-solid program!”

Alfonso M.

Research Engineer

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