Career Coaching

Does any of this sound like you?

  • Every workday is the same boring routine.
  • You’re paid less than you’re worth to the company.
  • You aren’t learning anything new.
  • You’re not doing what you actually love.
  • You’re overworked and it’s starting to affect your health.
  • You cancel on friends or dates because of work.
  • You’re not treated with the trust and respect you’ve earned.
  • You’re well past the point of “putting in your dues” and it isn’t paying out.
  • You’ve just come to accept that “work sucks.”
  • No matter how much you work or how well you perform, you can’t get promoted.

If you don’t fix this soon, what will your life look like? Will you ever be able to make the impact you want, afford the experiences you want for yourself or your family, or have the confidence to do something exceptional? If you’re ready to take control of your professional life and start working in career you love, check for an upcoming FREE WEBINAR HERE and schedule a free strategy call if you qualify. We can help you land your dream job to live a fulfilling life.

Does any of this sound like you?

“Before working with Scott, I was absolutely MISERABLE in my job. I knew it, I just didn’t know how to pull myself out, how to set my once-promising career down the right path again. My boss didn’t appreciate me or the skills and talent I brought to the table. I was working over 60 hours a week, and my salary felt like barely enough to live on. Worst of all, I could feel my love for journalism— a career that I have dreamed of having since grade school — begin to fade. Scott not only helped me land the job of my dreams, writing about important issues and working with award-winning journalists, but he also helped me negotiate a salary that is more than DOUBLE what I was making before. My only regret is that I didn’t get Scott’s help and take control of my life sooner.” —


“I have always been a strong performer in my career and many would say I have a great job, but I had higher aspirations. I started my MBA with the idea that as soon as I was done, I could leverage this as a way to gain a promotion or land a job I really wanted. After finishing my MBA I found that a lot of internal job postings were a farce and the position was already filled but due to policies, they had to post the role and interview a few people to appease human resources. Once I began working with Scott, the wheels started turning. A competitor offered me my current role at a 53% pay increase, and my current manager offered me a promotion and a 43% pay increase. My manager also passed my name along to managers in other departments I was interested in because she wanted to keep me [at the company], even if it wasn’t in her group. I’ve had meetings with two managers in a month’s time in departments I actually want to work. Now I find myself in a real position of power, which I didn’t think was possible as an employee at a large corporation. Working with Scott has truly revitalized my career search the right way.” —

“I knew I wanted a change, and I knew the sector I wanted to break into — but I was in a rut. I thought I’d been doing everything right, I was networking, my resume was looking better than ever, I had a more clearly defined idea of where I wanted to go than on any previous job hunt, but I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted. After two years of trying I knew I needed help. Scott took me to the next level. He helped me stop wasting time and made me focus on the things that were really going to get results. He guided me through everything from initial contact, to eventual salary negotiations. The most valuable part of Scott’s coaching was his ability to evaluate my often rambling self assessments and desires into a concise and workable plan. He essentially project managed me into a new job — without his counseling I am absolutely certain I would still be in that initial rut. I am now making over 100% more than I have ever made at any job in my life. The upfront investment in Scott’s services was daunting, but the turnaround was almost immediate. I went from scraping by in an insignificant position to managing an entire department — if you’re trying and trying and not succeeding, Scott will provide the clarity and alternate perspectives you need to get where you want to go.” —


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