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Career coaches at The Job Sauce help clients land dream jobs that change their lives. Because of our coaches and program, clients create the fulfilling career they want through the impact they make, their opportunities for growth, and their compensation.

Our coaches have their own dream jobs because of their time, financial, and geographical freedom. They can work from anywhere with an Internet connection, making their own schedules, so they can live their lives the way they want to. They also earn more per hour than over 95% of the US population. Some work part time with full time jobs, some are stay-at-home parents, some are full time coaches, but all coaches go through a regimented training and certification program to ensure clients will achieve extraordinary results.

Our best coaches are self-starters who thrive when helping others achieve their goals. They are supportive, and challenge others to grow. They are detail oriented, and can help others understand the big picture. They are hungry to learn, constantly increasing their understanding of different industries and effective strategies. While not an exclusive list, we’ve found the following work experiences point to potential elite career coaches:

Once trained, our coaches are free to start their own practices and/or work directly with us. When they work with us they can use our resources, intellectual property, and administrative support without having to find their own high-performing clients.

If you have the potential to be an elite coach and desire the time, financial, and geographical freedom that comes with it, apply at the link below and schedule a time for an interview. We look forward to talking with you!